Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, Honor the Team


This Week in Athletics


Coach Urban Meyer is the head football coach at Ohio State University.  He has won 3 national championships in his college coaching career.  Recently Coach Meyer spoke to a group of aspiring athletes and parents.  Check out this short video as he shares some great nuggets of wisdom when it comes to college scholarships and the roles of athletes, parents and coaches. 

In regards to the Caiman Way philosophy, we have some very crucial roles and expectations for our coaches, athletes and parents.

Coaches Role
To honor each athlete and to teach them to value hard work, to live pure, to lead with courage, and to honor their team in pursuit of the greater reward so that they will know what defines them as person of value.

Athletes Role
Commitment to “Work Hard”
I will attend and be on time to workouts and practices. 
I will perform to the best of my ability.
I will give a championship effort and poise. 

Commitment to “Live Pure”
I will only put substances into my body that are legal and pure.
I will use the language of a gentleman or a lady.
I will help those who can’t and encourage the discouraged.

Commitment to “Lead with Courage”
I will have a positive attitude.
I will stay focused on the goals of the team.
I will challenge my teammates and hold them accountable to our commitment.

Commitment to “Honor Team”
I will honor my school with integrity as a student, athlete and citizen. 
I will be patient with others.
I will put the team’s needs before my own and finish what I start.

Parents Role
As a parent I understand and endorse the purpose of our sports to help boys become men and girls become women of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good. I serve as a role model for our players talking politely and acting courteously towards coaches, officials, other parents, visiting team parents, and spectators at practices, games, and meetings.

In closing, we all have an important role to play when in comes to sports at Classical Academy High School. 



Jon Goodman