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This Week in Athletics

Love Conquers All!

The toughest guy in Clemson's football program is an equipment manager with Down syndrome named David Saville by ESPN.

As a new coach I remember watching a video titled “Johnny Bagger.”  This was a story of a down syndrome grocery worker who was at a staff professional development meeting where the entire staff of grocery store employees were challenged to make an impact on everyone that entered the store.  Johnny the employee with down syndrome went home that night and thought “I can not have any impact... what can I do?  I am just a bagger.”  Then it hit him... Johnny would write down a thought for the day and print it out on paper.  He would then place his thought for day in every customers bag as they checked out.  As time went on customers would come and wait in lines 2 sometimes 3 times the wait just to get Johnny’s thought of the day.  Love is a powerful thing.  Check out this video on David Saville as we watch how love conquers all!

Jon Goodman