Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, Honor the Team


This Week in Athletics

Coaching the Whole Athlete

Many of us have seen the positive impact sports can have on athletes. But when a coach only coaches the talents of athletes and not their hearts, athletics becomes goal oriented only and not purpose driven. We want to play as athletes, instruct as coaches, and cheer our athletes as parents with a clear purpose… To Play as One. To work hard, to live pure, to lead with courage and to honor our team. 

When we only coach talents of athletes, they are being taught 3 false ideas:
1. You are defined by your identity as an athlete.
2. You are valued by minutes played, points scored and the final results on the scoreboard.
3. You are better or worse than others based on your gifts and talents.

Now I am not saying let’s not coach the x’s and o’s or the athletes talents… but what we need to always add to our coaching is the commitment to coach the whole athlete. Their talents (Body), their learning and understanding of the game (Mind), and their Heart (Spirit).

Take a look at this video on what happens to young athletes as adults over coach and over train the athletes body and talents only.

Jon Goodman