Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, Honor the Team


This Week in Athletics

President’s Day

Happy President’s Day!

From George Washington to George Bush, our presidents play a critical role of leadership not only for our country but for the world.  These men have worked countless hours and have lead our country into the great nation it is today.  

As a interesting fact every president has participated in a sport in their life.  And 13 of the last 20 presidents have played a sport in college.

Some Examples
George H.W. Bush was the captain of the Yale baseball team.

Bill Clinton played rugby at Oxford

Ronald Reagan was captain of the Eureka College swim team. 

Gerald Ford played football for the Michigan Wolverines.

Richard Nixon while attending Whittier College played basketball. 

John F. Kennedy was on the swimming team at Harvard and a member of Harvard Boxing Club.

Dwight D. Eisenhower played football at West Point.

William Howard Taft earned a heavyweight wrestling championship at Yale University.

As we teach our children and our athletes let’s remember that we are in the business of transformation of the whole person not just the x’s and o’s.  Teaching and equipping our players with the skills to work hard, to live pure, to lead with courage, and to honor their team… knowing that one day our athletes will be our nations leaders.

Jon Goodman