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This Week in Athletics

Whose My Hero?

This last week Tom Brady was asked “Whose your hero?”  His response... “My Dad.”  For some athletes they have had a great father in their life, for others their coaches become a father figure which got me to thinking... as I coach, do I coach the heart of my athletes or just the X’s and O’s.  I know with my own children at home I love them, teach them, and coach them with truth and kindness. 

I was coaching my 11 year old’s basketball practice last night and tried to remember phrases that came from my mouth as I coached.  Was I coaching only basketball (X’s and O’s) ?  With phrase like "high point the rebound, you were flat footed” now became “high point the ball, you were created to fly and compete for that ball. I believe in you... do you believe you can compete for that rebound?” 

Tim Elmore wrote and excellent article on the topic of “Resiliency” that I think can be a great resource for us as parents, coaches, and athletes.  He states:

Three Common Barriers to Resiliency
1. Victim Mentality
2. Isolation
3. Low Self-Esteem

What Can Leaders Do to Build an Environment of Resiliency?
1. How can you build optimism instead of a victim mentality? Can you remove the excuses we’ve developed for not performing by using different language? How can you lace your words with optimism and belief in them?
2. How could you deepen your experience of community in your classroom, team or family? How can you bond with your students by being transparent and vulnerable yourself? How can you foster accountability? How can you cultivate trust?
3. How can you expand self-confidence? Can your affirmation of students be genuine (not exaggerated) yet help them see their strengths and their value to the team or the class? How can you tie their identity to realities that can’t be taken away?

Let’s remember that although we are not our athlete's father, we need to coach with truth and kindness and most importantly coach with a good father’s heart.

Jon Goodman