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This Week in Athletics

Chronos and Kairos

Many athletes are fortunate to grow up in a home where there are strong role models in their lives. Unfortunately many athletes grow up in a home where there are no role models. As coaches we have hours and hours each season to impact and influence our athletes transformationally. There are two greek words for these hours known as time… Chronos and Kairos. A start to finish, linear experience is known as Chronos time. An event or opportunity of significance is known as Kairos time. Kairos time are those significant moments in life that impact us for a lifetime. Sometimes these Kairos moments can be positive and other times they can be negative. As coaches let’s look for these Kairos moments in our practices, games, and time with our athletes. Check out this Kairos moment during the Olympics as a Father and Coach see’s an opportunity to be transformational in the life of an athlete.

Jon Goodman