Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, Honor the Team


This Week in Athletics

Believe The Best

“A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.”
- Ken Keys Jr.

Attitudes are contagious. As a coach, teacher, and player we should always be sure to set a good attitude and tone for our teams to catch. One way we can set this tone is by believing the best in everyone. As leaders we always set the attitude for our team. We must consciously prepare for each practice and event by adjusting and readjusting our own attitude and that of our team.

Our school principal sent this article this morning on love.

One quote from the article stated:

“Unless we are willing to talk about the relational aspect of teaching (coaching) and learning, we cannot hope to meet the goals we have for our students, athletes, and team to be change agents in our world. We cannot continue to talk about "achievement" and "results" without returning our focus to the learning conditions in which our teams either flourish or flounder. We need to talk about love.

Let’s continue to bring great attitudes to our team and believe the best in others.

Great Questions to Ask?
1. How is my attitude?
2. Am I setting the attitude of my team or letting other strong personalities set the attitude of the team?
3. Am I looking for the good?

Jon Goodman