Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, Honor the Team


This Week in Athletics

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Does Not Work Hard

In any sport, when a team has the upper hand whether through having better players or a big lead in the score, their coach will often encourage them by saying, “Let’s Win” So often, teams that have the upper hand will play down to the level of their competition. Instead of “Playing as One,” they start playing to not lose. In those times, they will often let the competition come back and, many times, beat them. When we “Play as One,” and we work hard, live pure, lead with courage, and we honor our team... we will find victories in the process over the temptation to play only for ourselves or to play not to loose.  As Tim Roke said so well... “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Does Not Work Hard.”

Three Questions
1. What does “playing as one” look like on your team? How does it compare to playing “not to lose”? 

2. What are some temptations you regularly face when you coach/play/or cheer only in the first dimension (X’s and O’s)? 

3. How can focusing on “Playing as One” help you win every time as compared to playing only for yourself or playing not loose? 



Jon Goodman