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This Week in Athletics

Resiliency Rule 04 - Seek moments of opportunity to grow and to serve a purpose greater than self. 

Time is an unstoppable force that pushes life along rather we like it or not. There are two ancient greek words for time. Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is a chronological order of time… a start to finish. Kairos is an event or opportunity of significance. As we think of life’s most precious commodity in time, the question we are challenged to answer is “Are we seeking these kairos moments as growth opportunities.”

I recently heard a speaker share about the hero’s during World War II. We have had movies made documenting their heroics. One movie directed by Steven Spielberg called Schindler's List captured one of these Kairos moments where Oscar Schindler uses his platform to save hundreds of lives and where he sought moments of opportunity to serve a purpose greater then self.

Let us continue to use our platform as coaches, athletes, and parents and seek these Kairos moments so that they don’t pass us by and so we can impact those around us in a positive way.

Jon Goodman